Organizational Behavior: Essentials (Second edition) by McShane and Von Glinow

This interesting book is very useful for all of us who study Organizational Behavior module. It covers all the topics from our lessons. I often spend time to read the pre-class reading together with this book as it could help me to be more prepared for the next lesson. Moreover, it provides me a deeper insight of how our behavior and belief can influence our life.

In part one and two of this book, the introduction covered on the topic  “Individual Behavior, Personality and Values”.  I really love to read these two parts as I have learnt some of my personality traits which help me to find out what kind of job is more suitable for me. Part three of this book is the most interesting as it guides us on how to improve our teamwork. Most of us (first year students) sometimes have hard time to work in a team as miscommunication, conflict or disagreements among team members may happen. I do feel a big improvement in my team after we have learnt this part.

The last part which is part four is about Organizational Processes. It helps us understand all the basic structure of organization and how culture play an important part of improving behavior of workers as well as maintaining the standard performance in organization.

I hope you would spend some times to read this book. It is really meaningful and interesting. Hope you enjoy it J 

Location: South

Call Number: HD58.7 MAC 2009

Written by: Nguyen Quang Minh


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