Makeup: The Ultimate Guide by Rae Morris

As much as I love makeup, I always prefer to step out of the house looking as natural as possible and keep my makeup to a minimal. However, during special occasions, my makeup seems to always be the same as my daily makeup. Hence, I find myself with palettes of eye shadows that I never seem to use.

Thus, with this book, I managed to be inspired by the various eye looks designed. Rae recreates high fashion looks and adapted them to everyday wear. There are simple to follow steps along with illustrations to guide you specifically. Rae emphasizes the importance of eye look because the eyes are the most powerful feature in the face and she believes it is the key to a successful application of makeup. Hence, she dedicate chapters to demonstrate which eye shadow colours suit particular eye colours, eye makeup for Asian eyes and even for matured skin.

In addition, this book covers the various tools that are essential to apply makeup including skin preparation, foundation, eyebrows, false eyelashes, bronzing and highlighting. Basically, there’s a section for every aspect of makeup with detailed descriptions as well as tips to help you understand the procedures of applying makeup better.

If you are interested in exploring makeup, don’t hesitate to borrow this book in the library and get creative!


Location – West (Choice Reads)

Call Number – 646.72 MOR

Written by Nur Fazlyn Binte Juri


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