Introduction to nanoscience & nanotechnology / Gabor L. Hornyak … [et al.].

Most suited for… Diploma in Micro and Nanotechnology (R30)

To those students studying Micro and Nanotechnology in Year 1, this book will prepare you for what you are going to learn for the coming years of study in RP. As for those in Year 2 and 3, this book will help drive away all your worries by boosting your understanding and building up dramatically your level of knowledge about Nano science & Nanotechnology. Why? Because this book will equip you with the complete picture of what Nanotechnology is, integrating applications in our modern world. The special thing about this book is that it uses a completely nano-centric approach whereas other books would only discuss nano-related topics related to fields, like chemistry or physics.

Besides that, it has full-colour descriptive illustrations to present to you the information clearly. The book value adds by providing some discussion on unveiling certain business opportunities in nanotechnology. This is useful for entrepreneurs who are interested in nanotechnology. In other words, nanotechnology is a very unique and distinct discipline with several opportunities out there. Like what’s been said, this book is not just about chemistry, physics or engineering related to nanotechnology. This book takes an integrated view of all these fields, in terms of application, and gives you a solid knowledge base for nanoscience and nanotechnology.

To sum up, this book will, besides equipping you with basic knowledge, challenge you to take note the different aspects from engineering, business, opportunities, inspirations, application, and even down to industry-specific applications like the use of nanotechnology in energy, electronics or biotechnology. You’ll be hard pressed to find another book which can give you all the different aspects and knowledge of the topic compared to this book. Providing you all the information and explorations that have been done by the author in a very systematic, step by step way, this book gives a complete view of nanotechnology. This book has been a very useful guide for me. Good luck and have fun exploring the field of nanotechnology.

Location: East

Call number: QC176.8.N35 INT 2009

Written by: Nyan Lin Tun


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