Fight the Fat by Ben Tan

Have you ever thought about losing your weight? If the answer is yes, this book suggests many ways to fight for your fat. Basically, there are three main sections and topics are divided for you to choose your desired option. The book has some color illustrations to show some exercises. Moreover, it provides BMI categories for Asians so that we can find out whether we are underweight, overweight or at an optimal weight according to our height.

There are a few reasons that will make you gain weight, such as eating junk food, medical causes, lifestyle factors and so on. In order for us to notice the calories values in our daily food, the book has provided a table, which is categorized into severing size (g), calories(kcal), fat(g) and calories from fat(%). Being more aware could help us restrain our indulgence to eat and help us control the amount of potential calories consumed.

In this book, there is also a table showing the approximate calories burned by doing different household chores! Don’t want to tire yourself by doing exercises? Don’t worry. You can also choose pharmacotherapy to lose your weight. There are also other informative suggestions you can find in this book. It also shows common prescription weight-loss drugs. Want to know more? You can find this book in the RP library.

See another review of this book here.    

Location:         West (Choice Reads)

Call Number:   Z 613.712 TAN

Written by:      Khin Nyein Kyaw Lin


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