Organic chemistry : a brief course / Robert C. Atkins, Francis A. Carey

Start your organic chemistry foundation today!

This book integrates text and visuals, which helps convey the necessary information effectively. Not only that, the book contains instructive essays that are designed to make the student think and connect inter-related concepts to environment, biology or even global applications. It provides a great way to see the world from a different perspective.

Furthermore, the book is filled with problems and solutions that test the student’s understanding of this branch of science. The questions are crafted to signify strategy, skills and application of the topic sections that continuously strengthen attained knowledge. The book also provides model answers that clarify and explain the necessary steps and procedures students have to grasp and show while answering the question. This is a great tool for revision.

Lastly, the book completes the student’s learning by providing a summary for every chapter. The summaries allow the student to evaluate their new found knowledge and rekindle their recall of the chapter’s content.

This book is suitable for School of Applied Science students and also chemistry students in the other schools. For those who are taking A201 or A202 (Chemistry I and II), this is a book that can aid your weeks of learning and understanding of these two modules. So, start your learning today and ace this topic in a stress-free organic way.

Location: West

Call number: QD253.2 ATK 2002



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