101 action movies you must see before you die – edited by Stephen Jay Schneider

Dear all, what kind of movie do you like? Do you like action movies? I am going to introduce a book that you must read if action movies are your favourite.

“101 ACTION MOVIES You must see before you die” is a guide book for action movies from 1903 to 2009, which spans more than a century. This is a pocket book which is just like a mini dictionary of action movies. Besides, it is also quite a convenient book to carry along and read on the short snippets of famous action films such as Gladiator, Lethal Weapon and Iron Man. There are also colourful illustrations in the book which make it visually appealing to those who do not like to read wordy books. 

Short interviews of the cast in these movies are also included in the book. Some examples are Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielderg, Bruce Lee, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Pierce Brosnan. 

If you are a STA student who is interested in movies or one of those who would like to know more about the what goes behind action movies, pick up this book and have fun reading.

Location: East

Call number: PN 1995.9.A3  2010

Written by: Zhang Zhenwu


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