Fight the Fat by Ben Tan

Maintaining a healthy weight is very important for all of us. Having a healthy weight makes you feel good. You will also realise that it can improve your self-esteem and confidence. Are you overweight and hope to lose some weight effectively? Read this book and follow the advice offered by the author, Dr. Ben Tan, who is the Head and Senior Consultant Sports Physician at the Changi Sports Medicine Centre (CSMC) in Changi General Hospital.

Dr. Tan developed the weight management programme at CSMC, which has helped more than a thousand patients when this book was first published in 2007. He wrote this book, hoping to provide evidence-based information to people who are overweight.   

If you want to follow this programme, the first thing to do is to calculate your BMI. This will help you determine if you are indeed overweight or even obese. Do not freak out if you are overweight! Read on to find out why you put on weight easily and the main principles of weight loss.  The main idea is to work out daily action plans for your weight management programme and stick to your targeted caloric intake. This book actually shows the calories supplied by different foods so refer to the tables closely and know which type of foods to avoid.  

In any effective weight loss programmes, calories that you burnt through exercises and daily activities must exceed the total calories consumed each day. Therefore, the next step to take is to plan discretionary exercises that you need to do. Discretionary exercises are planned exercises apart from your daily activities such as walking to the MRT station and cleaning your room.   

An effective weight programme requires continual monitoring and adjustment in order to ensure steady progress. There is no short cut. There are a lot more tips and advice given in this book. You can also copy the tables and charts on the last few pages to record your meals, exercises and weight. I strongly encourage you to read this book as the weight loss programme has been proven to help many people who are obese. 

*This book only provides guidelines in creating your weight loss programme and you should seek professional help if you have any medical condition.   

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Written by:      HTET HTET KHIN


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