Eyewitness travel guides: China – Edited by Vandana Mohindra

Are you interested in China, amazing country with history spanning more than 5,000 years? If the answer is yes, then I strongly recommend this book. It would serve as a useful guide for readers who are keen to learn more about the country.

China is a big country in terms of geography. Different parts of China have different climates, habits, dialects and customs. It is necessary for one to understand the sub-cultures of different provinces, which ultimately contribute to the cultural richness and diversity to a certain extent. 

It starts off with a general introduction of the country, such as the climate, history and famous places of interest so that readers can develop an initial impression. Then, the different regions are covered, progressing from the Northern to Southern regions, and subsequently Eastern to Western regions. The customs, dialects and rituals of each thirty-five (with the exception of Taiwan) provinces are also discussed. 

After reading this book, I am highly tempted to travel to China. Also included are travel-related information such as airline ticketing, subway maps of major cities and simple phrases which one might need to use when communicating with the locals. It will ensure that readers who have never been to China will be able to travel comfortably and without worrying about being helpless due to the lack of travel tips. 

Location: South 

Call number: DS705 CHI 2005 

Written by: Chen Si Kai



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