Film: an introduction (Third Edition) – William H. Phillips

As a student from the School of Technology and the Arts (STA), I chose this book the first time I set my eyes on it because I need to broaden my knowledge in this field. Besides, as a movie-lover, one often wonders about what it involves to make a good film.

This book has been divided into four parts – namely the expressiveness of film techniques, fictional films, variety of films and understanding films. What impressed me most was the first part, where the author talked about the mise-en-scène, cinematography, sound and editing, as well as the other processes that go into the making of films.

Through reading this book, I got to realise the meaningfulness of each scene on top on the complexity behind them, where many aspects need to be factored into consideration and then subsequently properly combined in order to make a storyline fit. The chapter on sound also allowed me to learn more about the components of soundtrack and their purpose.

An additional interesting part of this book is the one on the types of fictional films. Where I previously only knew about dramas on love, war and families prior to reading this book, I now know about Classical Hollywood cinema, the Italian Neorealism, and the French New Wave.

In my opinion, this is a really useful and interesting book. Film appreciators should come visit the library and read this book.

Location: East

Call number: PN1994.5 PHI 2005

Written by: Deng Yuwei


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