Understanding Flight – David F.Anderson and Scott Eberhardt

Singapore prides itself on being a global hub for the aviation industry, and it even has a world-class international airport, the Changi International Airport to prove its point. Every Singaporean is familiar and proud of the airport, but, has anyone been sufficiently motivated to find out how planes fly?  

Never before has the understanding of how planes fly been this easy to grasp, as this book provides detailed explanations on the principles of flight which are commonly addressed but widely misunderstood. With this book, neither do you need to be a pilot nor an engineer to gain basic understanding behind the phenomenon of flight.

While this book serves as a good read for all students as it contains some extent of physics, addresses misconceptions and half-truths which some may possess about aeronautics, it would be most beneficial for students taking E221 Aerodynamic and Propulsion as a module. It also serves as an aid for students who may not fare as well in the module as it contains detailed calculations, formulas and highlights key concepts.

On top of that, it also provides practical insight to those who are often curious about the purpose and logical that go behind wing shape, plane construction, flight testing and high-speed flight. The generous use of diagrams and graphics to explain concepts further serves to benefit non-engineering students who are keen to find out more about aircraft systems.

Location:         North

Call Number:   TL570 AND 2001

Written by:      LIAU SEAN KENG

*A newer edition of this book is also available in our library. It can be found at TL570 AND 2010.


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