The 7 Best Things Smart Teens Do – John C. Friel, Linda D. Friel

Are you one of those teenagers who try to boost self-esteem by talking to yourself in front of the mirror? Do you often try to understand your own emotions but cannot seem to be able to control them well? Or, do you often refrain from sharing your woes even in times where you ought to seek emotional support and guidance? Fret not, as this is where the book will come in especially handy in helping you get rid of such fears.

As the authors are psychologists who specialize in offering family therapy, this book also addresses issues prevalent in dysfunctional families. It has been written teenagers between the ages of twelve to twenty who are grasping with various issues that revolve around growing up, including those brought about by being around parents who fail to be able to identify with and connect with their growing needs. By reading this book, readers can discover appropriate ways on voicing out such concerns to parents and friends, which help reduce stress, anxiety and also enhances general well-being.

Parents who are interested to find out how they may achieve greater success in raising their children might also wish to read this book, so that they can forge closer ties with their children through better understanding of the issues faced and how to cope.

Location: Z

Call Number: 158.1 FRI

Written by: Han Thi Htun


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