Retail operations: how to run your own store (Second edition) by Angie Tang and Sarah Lim

Interested in managing a retail store? Then, this is the book for you! It contains chapters of every aspect involved in running a store, written in laymen terms to help you understand the purpose of each procedure. It contains a step-by-step guide that is easy-to-follow, and there are even templates of more commonly utilized forms required to document administrative matters (such as Refund Forms and Cash Discrepancy Reports).

Moreover, illustrations and photographs are also included to better explain certain key points and help engage the reader. In addition, is also a section of “I need help…” at the end of every chapter to facilitate the reader in thinking through and reflecting upon key takeaways regarding retail operations which are practical to take note of as these are essentially issues faced in a real-word retail setting.

Do the above appeal to you? If so, get your library card ready to borrow the book from the library to read more!

Location: South

Call Number: HF5429 TAN 2008

Written by Nur Fazlyn Binte Juri


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