Financial accounting : practice and principles / by Jan Bebbington, Rob Gray and Richard Laughlin

This book provides an introduction of financial accounting so students have a brief concept of what financial accounting is about. It then follows this with the tools needed to understand the topic. The book starts with a theoretical explanation of the topics followed by sample cases for hands-on practice. Model answers are provided so students understand the topic thoroughly. It also includes an explanation of the key concepts of accounting, which is, Asset, Liability and Equity.

This book is suitable for students who are taking the B215 Financial Accounting module as this book covers most of the topics in the module’s syllabus. It would be especially useful for those who are totally new to the subject. For example, there is explanation on balance sheets, bad debts and the major components in a financial statement. Besides that, there is also extra information that can enhance a Financial Accounting student’s knowledge on this module like accounting regulations.

Location: South

Call number: HF5635 BEB 2001

Written by: Yean Shan


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