Chicken soup for the teenage soul IV : [stories of life, love, and learning / compiled by] Jack Canfield … [et al.].

Teenagers are said to be quite emotional and tend to get serious over small things. As we get older and think back on our past, we might want to laugh for thinking that a small problem was so huge. If you are able to do that, it indicates that you have grown up and have passed that stage successfully. However, in order to overcome our problems, we need to have the knowledge of how we should overcome them and encourage our soul. If not, we might end up giving up and not be able to get out from those “a-matter-of-time” problems.

I am also one of those who feels down sometimes and feel as if I would never be able to get over all those problems that I face. I sometimes feel like giving up half way. It was during one of those moments that I happened to come across the book “Chicken soup for teenage soul”, which I believe many of you might have already heard of. This book really helped me in rehabilitating my tired and depressed mind by showing me ways to overcome what I thought of as my failures. Content wise, this book includes how to engage with friends and family by learning how to express our feelings and trying to understand others. Moreover, it also gives us the idea that relationships aren’t the whole of our lives since we, as teens, might sometimes feel like a failure in our relationships and feel like giving up on everything. What is special about this book is that, it gives us the insight of actual life instances and how others try to overcome their obstacles and I find this very interesting. Therefore, if you are looking for something that will encourage you and help to change the way you analyze things, don’t think twice and just come down to our library and enjoy this book.

Location: West

Call number: 158.1280835 CHI

Written by: Susan


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