Organizational Behavior by Robert Kreitner and Angelo Kinicki

I am from SIT and I had difficulties in understanding many concepts when I took the module B102 Organisational Behaviour. If you are facing the same problem, I strongly recommend this book to you.  

This book is divided into four parts, with a total of 18 chapters. The first part shows you the big picture – the organization. The second part highlights individuals – job satisfaction, performance and rewards. The third part is all about the teams and teamwork while the last part covers organizational processes. If you have the time to go through the entire book, you will find that you have learnt more about yourself, how you can work with other people in an organization and how you can perform better in your job.

You can find lots of examples and diagrams in this book. The authors also provided online resources which can help you explore further into the topics. Trust me! I am sure you will find this book very useful. I also hope that this book will be a good assistant to you in your learning journey on organisational behaviour.

Location: South

Call number: HD58.7 KRE 2010

Written by: Chen Qunming


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