The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

This highly inspirational book is written for people who are looking for a pathway in life which will guide them to realizing their innermost potential and achieve more. Habits and actions that are shaped by one’s personality often affect the decisions which one makes in life, which ultimately affects their achievements. By making gradual changes to minor processes in life, the author convinces us that we will be able to see a new, reformed us.

The 7 Habits is akin to 7 spices of soup, where it is necessary for all ingredients to blend harmoniously in order to get a satisfactory brother. Individuals, in order to become a better person, will have to master these 7 habits and visualize the bigger picture. While this book may contain all the keys to success in a person’s life, the ultimate decision lies in the reader to put in sufficient effort in mastering what it preaches.



Location : South

Call number : BF 637.S4 COV 1999

Written by : Lai Jen Hong


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