Lighting for Digital Video and Television by John Jackman

‘Without lighting, all you get is a black and white picture.’ There is no doubt that just through this sentence alone, the importance of lighting has been succinctly conveyed. The author of this book, John Jackman focuses on how lighting can be used to make significant differences in video production where lighting is not merely used to simulate reality, but also to influence the mood and feel that video-makers are trying to portray.

In this third edition, I find that the author has managed to cover lighting issues in a comprehensive manner – where he talks about many topics ranging from an introduction to amateur lighting equipment all the way to offering advanced filmmaker guidance.

The book will be useful for a variety of readers, and I have summarized them below.

For the casual shooter, you can learn some basics such as the use of lighting through getting the right amount of exposure, as well as how to obtain a great contrast between shadows and colours in order to gauge colour temperature that is important in influencing viewers’ feelings. Exposure is the utmost important concept which every aspiring video-maker should grasp.

For the serious amateur, the various lighting equipment and instructions on how to set them up are also included. The author also tries to soothe any potential concerns which readers may have by covering the different types of lighting and situations where one may use them, such as LED lighting to diffuse light, or Chinese lanterns to infuse creativity.

For the small-budget professional, the author has made an effort to include advanced lighting set-ups, common troubleshooting tips when it comes to the use of different types of lighting for various professional uses, and of course, most importantly, how to achieve lighting that looks professional despite the low budget.

Lastly, he has also not neglected the Corporate/ production video professionals who may think that they hardly need a book to guide them. However, one should never tire from reading about the experiences which others’ have encountered on actual shoots, and this is also where the author shares his own experiences shooting commercial products, food as well as events.

So, if you are interested to learn more about lighting for digital video and television, check out this book today.

Location: North

Call number: TR891 JAC 2010

Written by: Liu Muyan


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