The End of the War: Singapore’s Liberation and the Aftermath of the Second World War by Romen Bose

As someone interested in the history of Singapore, I have always wondered about the rapid development of the country following World War II (WWII). It was this interest that prompted me to choose this book.

The End of the War reveals the many long-forgotten secrets of WWII that have been hidden in highly confidential files. For instance, it covered the sequence of events in which the British troops tried to regain its possessions in Malaya and Singapore in a clear and easy-to-read manner. There was also mention of wartime heroes (such as Lim Bo Seng) and their role in the clandestine allied operations leading to the end of the war.

The end of the war goes on to describe the beginning of Singapore as a nation and the creation of independent nations less than two decades following the surrender of the Japanese.

Contained in this book are many interesting gems, so, why don’t you try reading this book today?

Location: South

Call number: DS610.55 BOS 2005

Written by Meng Shaohui




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