Essential English Grammar by Ron Simpson

Are you tired of not knowing whether to put “was” instead of “is”, or a colon instead of a semi colon? Are you confused about what is a conjunction or even a preposition? Do you know the meaning of conditional? Or simply, do you just want to remove your Sing-lish habits? This book clearly explains the grammatical learning points that have held us all back when writing, speaking or even drafting formally. With a little insight on correct spelling, tenses and much more, this is a guide book that can help you present your work in a more effective way.

The author is a renowned English professor, and this book that he has written serves as a time-saving, informative reference for hectic students who are almost always on-the-go. Presented using practical and useful scenarios, this is a book for students to hone their English Language skills in order to convey their ideas more effectively.  Also suitable for individuals who are not native speakers of the English Language, this book helps motivate as it is full of exercises crafted to challenge and encourage them.

It also provides accessible explanations and relevant examples of grammar usage which are suitable for language modules (especially G103 Introduction to Communication Practice), which will greatly help freshmen students to start their educational journey here at Republic Polytechnic with a proud grade.

So, check out this book and show your peers that you can SPEAK AND WRITE WITH CONFIDENCE.

 Location: East

Call number: PE1112 SIM 2010

Written by: Juan Enrico Cacho Feliciano


One thought on “Essential English Grammar by Ron Simpson

  1. Yes sir, readers will be more confident enough to face the challenges in speaking as well as in writing English.You paved the right and a convenient way to success.Now success is in our hands.Thanks a lot.

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