Aerodynamics for Engineers (Fifth Edition) by John J. Bertin and Russell M. Cummings

“Why study aerodynamics?” this question becomes the title of chapter 1 of this book. People may think that this subject is irrelevant from our daily life. It may not be totally true. For example, when you want to buy roadster, this subject will help you decide which one is the safest.

For a student in aerospace engineering course like me, this book is the best tool for me to learn. The book uses specific steps to explain how the dynamic formulas come about and how to apply these formulas in to the real aircraft. Ample relative questions and answers are given in every chapter to help readers increase their understanding of the concepts learned.

Compared to the previous fourth book edition, this fifth edition adds a lot of new and emerging aircraft technologies that relate to aerodynamics. There are discussions on laminar flow and low Reynolds number airfoils and new design such as F-35 eagle type fighter. Therefore, though this book, readers can also get the latest updates of trends in aerodynamics.

 Location: North

Call Number: TL 570 BER 2009

Written by Chen Si Kai


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