New perspectives on HTML and CSS introductory by Patrick Carey

If you wish to be a professional web designer, web developer in future or even for the purpose of accomplishing Final Year Project as a third-year student, this book comes as a good read as compared to other books that cover the same topic. Overall, “HTML and CSS” provides the reader with information on how to make use of HTML5 and CSS3 that are more advanced than some basic HTML and CSS.

After scanning through this book, I think that the key benefit of this book is the fact that it utilizes latest references of this area that can provide the reader with up-to-date knowledge, as well as information on using HTML5 and CSS3. In addition, each chapter begins with well-outlined objective and overview to provide the reader with a clear perspective on what they are required to learn. The overview facilitates visualisation of key concepts through the use of colourful graphics and provokes deeper thought into the various topics of interest. There are also tutorials included in this book which provides tips on how to avoid making common mistakes and facilitates effective working.

In conclusion “HTML and CSS” is a book that guides people who already possess basic foundation skills of using HTML and CSS to create web pages in an easier and more effective manner.

Location: EAST

Call number: QA76.76.H94 CAR 2012

Written by Phan Khue


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