Managing Behavior in Organizations by Jerald Greenberg

Do you have a dream of becoming a boss or even CEO of your own company? Well, if it’s yes, then this book is perfect for you. This book indulges students to engage themseleves into the world and environment of a working and functional organization. It delivers several behavioral and managerial tips on how to handle stress, motivation and performance inside a company. It is a book perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs and will be GREATLY helpful for people who are planning to work in a corporate setting.

Firstly, it starts by introducing the readers into the personal level of organization. From ethics to behaviour, this book deals with different life scenarios that can help students see a visual representation on how an organization will feel and how should it be dealt with. Real-life problems on self-awareness will test student and their understanding while applying theoretical views.

Next, it deals with the engagement of other people inside an organization. How to handle their emotions? How to motivate them to work better? These are the topics that will help students understand more on managing relationship with team mates, co-workers or even your superiors and seniors. The students can then apply what they learn in these chapters into their everyday PBL System. It will be great to create a more cohesive and effective environment for them to learn at their optimum performance.

Lastly, it deals with the real necessary skills for a student’s future. Skills such as Creativity, Innovation, Strategizing and even Servant-Leadership are some of the necessary skills that will help them carved their image of tomorrow. Students will learn different types of traditional and modernized views of how to become the perfect employee in the future.  It shows a great range of examples on how personal effort can go a long way in designing an efficient organization and to effectively become a part of it. In conclusion, this book proudly helps the students to manage their organizational behaviour for the better – and equip them for employment.

 Location: South

Call number: HD58.7 GRE 2010

Written by: Juan Enrico Cacho Feliciano


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