JAVA with Object-oriented programming by Paul S. Wang

Among many Java programming language guide books, this book integrates object-oriented design (OOD) and object-oriented programming(OOP) concepts and learning points so  that at the same time, you can learn both Java programming and OOP.

For this book, there are detailed explanations with realistic and simplified examples so that it is also easier for beginners. As it covers OOP (object-oriented programming) which is a must for any computer programmers, this book is also useful for SIT students who are dealing with programming languages, especially Java through their studying in RP. By reading this book, one can easily understand how Java constructs and combine with OOP techniques to develop a well-organized object-oriented program.

There is also in-depth introduction of Java and OOP, and explanation of extending programs using OOD and OOP. It also contains advanced topics like networking with URL and sockets, writing Sever-side and client-side code. These would be useful for SIT students who have learnt C and C++. It would be highly relevant for students who are year 2 and onwards since they have gained basic programming knowledge and this serves as a useful guide for their learning about Java and OOP.


Location: East

Call number: QA 76.73.J38 WAN 2003

Written by: Phyu Thwe Htet Khaing



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