Fundamentals of Python by Kenneth Lambert

What happens when you combine an encyclopaedia, a Mathematics workbook and a Python manual? You get the “Fundamentals of Python” by Kenneth Lambert. This book contains loads of information that the average Python student may find irrelevant in the first chapter. Some example of the topics are the history of computers and how programming came to be. However you have no reason to fear this book because the history lesson is only for the first chapter.

The rest of the book has dedicated its content to the teaching of a starting (Python) programmer the basics of the program. Most of the text is written in a very instructive manner and is complete with illustrations and examples, so Python beginners will hardly get lost. However I should warn you that the text is not idiot-proof (then again what is?) Also while the book uses technical jargon, it explains them in layman’s terms and soon students will find themselves speaking and understanding all the lingos used by the book.

This book will greatly benefit your learning experience in programming because it tackles with topics ranging from functions, loops, graphical user interfaces, and many others.  So if you are feeling lost, angry, or frustrated (to the point of almost pulling your hair out) I would recommend this book to you.  However you can only borrow it once I’m through with it. ; )

 Location: East

Call number: QA 76.73.P98 LAM 2010

Written by: Axell Dominic Tan


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