Beginning python using python 2.6 and python 3.1 by James Payne

Hi, I am from SIT. If you still have difficulties in learning python or are going to study in SIT, I will strongly recommend the beginning python book, which is written by James Payne, to you as this is one of the important topics for SIT students.

Let me share with you why this book is useful.  Firstly, the book introduced about the differences between programming and using a computer, the usage of the Python 3.1, and the basic knowledge of using strings. It also tells us the different usage about numbers in python as well as the variables which are important concepts in python.

Secondly, the book describes in details about using functions in python, defining class and identifying objects as well as organizing programming by using modules. It also showcases the files and directories, additional feature s of language in python, how to build a module as well as explain why text processing is so useful to us.

Thirdly, you can learn more about testing, writing a GUL with python, accessing database by using python, combining XML with using python and network programming. You also get the chance to learn how to integrate java with python as well.

Lastly, there are problem exercises and answers provided which enhance your understanding about the concepts learnt and application of them. There are also some online resources to make the book more completed- this includes new information about Python 3.1 as well as the explanation about the glossary appearing in the book.

 Trust me! This book will be a good assistant to you in your learning journey.

 Location: East

Call number: QA76.73.P98 PAY 2010

Written by: Chen Qunming


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