Everyday life in ancient Egypt by Neil Morris

Let’s exit our modern world and enter an ancient city that is full with mysteries and excitement. This mysterious place has uncountable interesting stories behind it. This place is no other than ancient Egypt. To find out more about ancient Egypt, you don’t have need to travel all the way to Egypt or search among numerous websites, you can find them easily in this book.

What I really like about this book is that it is easy to read and includes a lot of pictures and interesting facts on ancient Egypt. A picture is worth a thousand words. So you can really immerse yourself in the ancient world and see how the Egyptians had led their lives without modern technology. Besides explaining the importance of River Nile since the ancient times, this book also tells you how and why the Egyptians mummified bodies. Have you also wondered how the Pyramids were built? Where did the Egyptians get so many huge stones? And how did they lift the heavy stones up to form each Pyramid?  

I have only given you a snapshot of the content in this book. It actually covers much more than what we know about Egypt. I feel that this is a really good book to read when you have some free time. Get a cup of hot tea and spend a few hours with this book. I am sure you will be amazed by how the ancient Egyptians had lived.  

 Location: South

Call number: DT61 MOR 2003

Written by: Aung Kyi Su Su Zin (Shelly)


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