iPad Portable Genius by Paul McFedries

The recent passing of Steve Jobs has made us feel sad, but at times like these, we should not forget to express our appreciation for the man who came up with multiple Apple products. After all, it is he who has successfully led the Apple company and turned the brand into the famous icon that it is today.

Nowadays, one commonly totted brand of mobile phone along the streets is the Iphone. Apple, with its array of products that begin with ‘I’ are not only innovative, but highly fashionable. So, what is so good about the products that the company has introduced?

This book takes us into the world of Apple and provides us with a brief insight by talking about its more recent offering, the Ipad. Suitably entitled ‘iPad Portable Genius’ for the product that is portable and smart, I was initially attracted to the book for its apt title.

Opting to do without the ‘frills’ such as describing specifications, the book delves straight into describing what the product can do for its users, and serves as a good guide for someone who has recently purchased the product (and has yet to fully uncover all its functions).

The content has also been usefully structured in a progressive manner where it first talks about connecting to a network, then synchronizing the device and how to have fun with the exploring the other functions such as surfing the Web, sending emails, and exploring music and video apps. It concludes with a chapter on troubleshooting for users should they encounter problems, which I found highly effective.

So, these are my feelings after reading this book, and I hope that you will have an equally enjoyable time reading it.

Location: East

Call Number: QA 76.8.I863 MAC 2010

Written by Huang Yi Heng


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