A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You by Amy Bloom

I have heard about Amy Bloom for a long while now. People have commented that she is brilliant because her writing manages to capture the heart and emotion of readers. Today, I came across her book and was attracted to its words. In fact, it was so well-written that I could almost feel the characters’ hearts breaking and the sensitivity of emotions that they each go through. 

This book contains an array of characters and the different circumstances that they are put under. It contains a mother and her brave, smart little girl as they come to terms with the looming knowledge that the little girl will soon become a man; a wildly unreliable narrator bent on convincing us that her stories are not harmless; a woman fighting breast cancer, her frightened husband, and a best friend and they discover that their lifelong triangle is not all that they imagined it to be; and lastly, a man and his stepmother who are engaged in a complicated dance of memory, anger, and forgiveness. 

Let us pause for a thought about these people who might differ from ‘societal norms’ and are often termed ‘weird’. These differences do not and should not deprive them of their right to happiness, and in fact, many of them are brave enough to shoulder on to fight for the will to live and ones whom they love. Compared to them, a lot of us are afraid of getting hurt and losing the ones whom we love. As a result, we do not dare to venture beyond our comfort zones. The courage, purity of their souls and love are probably so palpable that this book has been aptly title, ‘A blind man can see how much I love you’.

Location: Z

Call Number: BLO

Written by Zhang Hejundai


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