Music from the Age of Shakespeare: A Cultural History by Suzanne Lord

One of the greatest things invented by human is music. We like to listen to music but seldom know the history behind the various pieces. So, what was the music like during the Shakespearean times in United Kingdom? This book helped provide me with a better understanding.

Sometimes, the mere mention of history appears to bore teenagers, and the history of music does no better. However, this book easily catches the eye and its content highly readable by elaborating on the pieces (and the associated historical facts behind them) in chronological order.  It has even made seemingly complex music during the Elizabethan times easier to understand through the use of graphics, musical scores and stories behind famous composers.

I was first attracted by the cover of the book, which depicted a beautiful, traditional-looking woman playing music. Its allure enticed me to retrieve it off the shelves and try reading it. After reading, not only did I gain musical knowledge, but also deeper understanding of and appreciation for the history behind the music and its composers during the era.

This book serves as an extremely worthy read, especially for those keen to know more about the socioeconomic situation then as well. It provided me with new insight and helped solved various questions which occurred to me whilst reading. As it has so aptly mentioned, Music does not exist in a vacuum, so retrieve it off the shelves and you will soon find yourself embarking on a pleasant historical journey to better understanding the history of music in the Shakespearean age.

Location East

Call number ML 286.2 LOR 2003

Written by Zhang Zhenwu


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