Video Shooter by Barry Braverman

I am totally new to video production and I usually just take photos with a simple digital camera or mobile phone. However, I felt that this book had given me a lot of great ideas on how I could become a “good” and professional video taker.

The author wrote this book in a friendly tone and sounded like a close friend who is sharing his precious experience with me. I picked up this book and just read it in a relaxed mood and soon discovered that it is different from many other books that focused mainly on the techniques and technical details. The main focus of this book is using videos to tell stories. This may sound like making a movie but if you think about it, each video tells you about a story. If you know what kind of a story you want to tell, then you can decide on what are the lenses and techniques to use, where to place your camera, etc. 

 The author used interesting titles for each segment of the book, for instance, “No More Chasing Rainbows”, “The Laws of Third” and “We Are All Liars and Cheats”. You will agree that these titles sound strange and do not seem to be connected to each other. But after going through the whole book, I realised that the author began with an overall view of video production, then goes on to show how a greenhorn like me can become a powerful video shooter –  creating stories that will be accepted and appreciated by other people.

Location: West

Call Number: PN1992.94 BRA 2010

Written by: Liu Muyan


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