Images of Singapore from the Japanese perspective (1868-1941) (日本人眼里的新加坡) by Lim Shao Bin

Every Singaporean must remember a history of Singapore, a harrowing history. During the Japanese occupation, thousands of Singaporeans were killed by the Japanese army. However, this book (captured in the form of a photo album) does not focus on this history but instead the beauty of Singapore island in pictures taken by the Japanese prior to the occupation by Mr Lim Shao Bin, a Singaporean who studied in Japan and developed a strong interest in its culture.

From 1868 to 1941, the Japanese came to Singapore and lived on the island. They worked and built the small island into a free port. Recorded through the pictures where the Japanese interests in observing the resources, economy, cultures and social structure. There is also the geography of the island, recorded in great length the map of Southeast Asia, ships in Singapore Port, main roads within Singapore and the infrastructure.

Readers who are interested in this part of history of Singapore and/or Japan should not miss this title as “this is a book of beauty and scholarship and is a fitting testimony to the long historical links between Japan and Singapore.”

Location: South

Call Number: DS 610.4 IMA 2004

Written by Chen Si Kai


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