Windows 7 FOR DUMMIES by Greg Harvey

The latest and most advanced version of the immensely successful Microsoft Windows operating system to date, Windows 7, is packed with numerous new features and huge improvements over the 4 year old Windows Vista.

However, with new features come new learning curves, so this book has all the necessary information that you need to ensure that you can get the most out of your new Windows 7 operated-PC. From keeping you entertained with premium multimedia playback software such as Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player to helping you protect your most valued personal data such as pictures and videos, Windows 7 FOR DUMMIES has all you need to do just that.

Windows 7 FOR DUMMIES also acts as an indispensable guide for you in getting you familiarised with your new Windows 7 PC effortlessly. With a comprehensive list of detailed step by step guides and relevant screenshots, even greenhorn PC users can understand and follow the instructions with ease.

Should you encounter any problems with your new Windows 7 PC and need troubleshooting tips, Windows 7 FOR DUMMIES has got your back. Whether you are trying to restore your files or trying to remove an unwanted or malfunctioning program, just give this book a try and you will be surprised how much it can help you!

Location: East

Call number: QA 76.76.W56 HAR 2009

Written by Mak Woon Chong


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