No more anger! Be your own anger management coach by Gladeana Mcmahon

Nowadays, people are working hard, struggling in their busy lives every day. In the frantic society we live in, anger is sometimes difficult to control! Thus, there are times when people feel stressed or frustrated easily and cannot control their anger. Anger and frustration are common problems that can have profound effects on the lives of individuals, families and communities. This book called “No More Anger! Be your own anger management coach” by Gladeana McMahon, a respected Coach and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist with over twenty-five years of experience, is an interesting book that can help people to coach themselves out of the feelings of aggression and irritation.

 In this book, the author explained about what anger is and what happens to the body when you become angry. She also discussed about whether all anger is bad. She wrote that “Anger is an appropriate emotion and one that individuals and society in general can benefit from. In writing this book, my aim is to help individuals who experience excessive amounts of unhelpful anger, and who show their anger in ways that are not helpful to either themselves or others, to understand that there are better ways to deal with life.”

 There are some relaxation exercises such as meditation and muscle tensing exercise to help release the tension of anger. It was mentioned that time management and adequate sleep are also needed in managing stress and anger. The book also provides how to get anger-free thinking, anger-free emotions, anger-free actions and anger-free diet with exercises and tips to help the readers.

 To conclude, this book illustrates the cognitive behavioural approach to dealing with anger problems. This well-written book will surely be a helpful aid for those who want to manage their anger well!

Location – West (Choice Reads)

Call Number – 152.47 MAC

Written by Han Thi Htun


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