Organizational Behavior (14th edition) by Stephen P.Robbins & Timothy A.Judge

Dear all year 1 RP students, I understand that quite a number of you guys are struggling with the module, Organizational Behavior.  This is a completely new subject to study for year 1 and very theory-based. Hence, as your senior, I would recommend this book as a good learning material for all of you.

 Learning is not just all theory, memorising it for test answers, especially at RP. The meaning of learning is more than that! It is to understand the objectives of each lesson as well as the whole module, but more importantly, knowing how this knowledge can be applied in real life. Hence, by just looking at online materials  is insufficient because you will only search for what you think you need to know, and skip a lot more useful information. You will be interrupted by many other interesting things on the internet and much time is spent verifying whether information found is trustworthy or not. In the preparation period for UTs, put your laptop down, come to library, read the book and get tons of benefits from it!

 This book provides the reader a systematic way to approach the goal you set for this module. Understanding individual, group, and the organization systems are highlighted. Apart from theory, the book gives practical examples and provides questions to revise what have been learned.  Some research in Organizational Behavior can be found in the book.

Do not wait for 1 week before UT to read it. The more time you spend on the book, the stronger you can build your knowledge foundation and the higher chance you will have to score an A! 

 Location – South

Call number – HD 58.7 ROB 2011

Written by Trinh Linh Giang


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