From third world to first : the Singapore story, 1965-2000 : memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew

For history lovers, or rather each of us on this land, should know of this country’s development history and the achievements by the great founding father of Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

With its limited resources, surrounded by hostile powers, the growth of Singapore has taught the world a lesson about the survival and success of a country firm in its faith. I am very impressed by the statesmanship of the country’s father – his vision and determination are well worth learning by each of us. The success of Singapore had proved him to be a most brilliant and capable man amongst the few in the world. He is definitely a great man.

An insightful story is described and intelligent thought shared through his memoirs. His wisdom will be recognized and inherited. Growth of Singapore from a third world to first world country within 50 years is remarkable and should not taken for granted.

I believe by reading through the memoirs of Mr Lee Kuan Yew will benefit us in a lot of way. It is an honour to learn from a great man.

Location – South

Call number – DS610.73 LEE 2000

Written by Gan Hong Wee


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