Trading Secrets: 20 hard and fast rule to help you beat the stock market by Simon Thompson

Have you ever been tempted to invest in stocks after reading some news on people turning into millionaires overnight because of earnings from stock? Well, it seems to be an easy way to get rich; but in order to gain profit from it, you ought to have your own strategy instead of just relying on luck. Furthermore, experience will be a determining factor as well. Now, it seems more complicated, isn’t it?

 ‘Trading Secret’ by Simon Thompson is designed to help experienced private investor as well as those with little or no knowledge about stock market to benefit and profit from stock market. The writer Simon Thompson is putting all his knowledge and trading strategies from his experience in the stock market for over two decades in this book. It is easy to be read and understand especially for those beginners with little prior knowledge about stock market.  

 If you are interested in trading in stock market, don’t forget to arm yourself with ‘Trading Secrets’.  It will make your investing not only enjoyable, but maybe highly profitable too.

 Do come and check out this book at the library!

Location – South

Call Number – HG 4551 THO 2009

Written by Anson


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