Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 by Rob Miles

Have you ever felt so bored and tired of playing games? Have you had enough of playing online games or just feel like playing a game that is more meaningful? How about play a game that you create for yourself? Sounds too challenging to you? Well, it is not tough anymore with XNA Game Studio. Creating super-duper awesome games have never been easier if you use XNA Game Studio. When I talk about games, it is not just PC games. You can even create games for Xbox 360, Windows Phone, mobile phone and PC with this amazing development studio. You may have read this book posted earlier on this blog: But now, this is Version 4.0 and things just got simpler, better and easier with more functionalities.

Out of so many books, why am I recommending this title? It is because the instructions in this book are easy to understand and simple to follow. If you have been following new technologies on software development and design using Microsoft’s technologies, you will be familiar with this author. He is a friendly MVP at Microsoft and he has made appearances in many tech shows. He is also a well-known lecturer and has judged in many competitions, including Imagine Cup. If you had followed some of his online lectures, you would know how he normally provided guidance on coding – simple and easy, yet powerful and useful.

The author wrote this book in the same style – easy yet practical. We know a lot of coders get stuck at the design stage. This book is unique in a way such that it can help you right from the design stage –   designing display or 3D effects. From simple and classic games to those meant for multi-players or network games, this book will guide you through all the way from start to completion. The development studio is user-friendly, programming language is powerful, easy to use and the author is an expert in this field. So what more can you ask for?

All you have to do is follow this book closely to create your own fantastic games. Stop playing those games created by the same group of people over and over again. Create your own game for any kind of phone, PC or Xbox 360 and start playing them! Besides, this book provides you with some basic theories and fundamentals that you need to know before you start. In other words, no prior knowledge or experience on programming is required. You can start now! No preparation is required. Good luck in coming up with better games and hope you will become a “Tech-STAR” in the campus one day!

Location – East

Call Number – QA 76.76.C672 MIL 2011

Written by Soe Htike


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