Java Programming: From the Ground Up by Ralph Bravaco & Shai Simonson

Are you interested in programming or trying to build your own program? Do you need a good reference book that will guide you along the way? Or are you taking C208 Object-Oriented Programming module and trying to understand more about Java? If your answer is “Yes!” to any of these questions, then I would strongly recommend this book to you.  

This book will help you understand the basics better so if you do not fully comprehend any of the concepts in class, you can still catch up after that. This book covers the basic functions of Java like expression and data types, variable assignments, making decisions (using if, else functions) and making repetition (looping).

There are many titles covering Java Programming. However, I think this book is most suitable for those interested in Java Programming and students taking C208 as it focuses on the principles of object-oriented programming. It is different from other books as it defines the concepts clearly, thus making it easier for us to remember the syntax and apply it accordingly.  

So why waste your time in searching for a book which you may not even know if it is suitable for you? Simply borrow this book from the library and start learning!

Location – East

Call number – QA 76.73.J38 BRA 2010

Written by Susan Bo Bo


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