Conquering The Sky by Larry E.Tise

As an aviation lover, I am eager to find out the history of the Wright Brothers’ early success. When this book came into my line of sight, I picked it up without any hesitation.

The book tells the story of Wright Brothers’ selecting a venue named Kitty Hawk due to its favourable wind condition, soft sand for crash landing and far away from prying eyes to test out their five years of painstaking effort – an improved 1905 flyer.

However, the book hardly contains any details of the aircraft and its engine until the appendix section – ‘Eyewitness Testimonials’. Instead, it tells more about the brothers’ desire to conduct their test with a degree of confidentiality and how the newspapermen tried to get credible news report.

If additional description and details of the aircraft had been included, this book would definitely be a treasured possession for many of us aviation lovers.

Location – North

Call Number – TL540.W7 TIS 2009

Written by Gan Hong Wee


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