Electrical engineering : an introduction / Steven E. Schwarz, William G. Oldham

The holidays are here!!!! After tiring weeks, there’s finally a break for us, students! However, there is always a catch, of course. UT1 is coming right after the school break!

So, are you planning to spend your holidays by having fun and studying at the same time? Well, if you are an engineering student and taking modules such as Circuit Analysis, Analogue Circuit and Digital Electronics, well… I can say that this holiday break will be more effective for you and your UT preparation if you manage to get a hold of “Electrical Engineering an introduction (second edition) by Schwarz and Oldham”! All the main concepts about Electrical Engineering can be found in the book

I personally consider that this is a very useful book because it is mainly for beginners rather than designers, to gain conceptual knowledge about Electrical Engineering. It includes explanations about 3 main topics in Electrical Engineering which are Devices, Circuits and Systems. With the supplementary problems at the end of every chapter and the solutions at the back, you’ll be well prepared for your UT! So, don’t just sit there looking around, go and grab this book at the Library North and start studying!!! Oh of course… good luck with your UT too, peeps! 😉

Location – North

Call number – TK 146 SCH 1993

Written by Than Yaw Zin (Diploma in Biomedical Electronics Engineering)


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