Photoshop CS5 for dummies / by Peter Bauer

Photoshop is now becoming a powerful tool in many business significant fields such as advertising, marketing and the entertainment industry. Even though it is used to make profit in the professional field, let’s take a look at Photoshop as an amateur user, with Photoshop CS5 for Dummies.

It takes years for people to become an expert in Photoshop, but it will only take you this book for you to be able to create your posters, logos, edit your own photos and embark on other designing works. The book gives clear guidance from basic understanding, such as image resolution, size, tone and other technical points. After building a firm understanding of the basics from which you will work from, the book covers all the tools and functions which are provided by Photoshop. The book does not just provide theories, but gives a lot of practical tips and exercises. All that is left then is for you produce your own creation.

So if you are interested in getting to know how to use Photoshop CS5, come to library and take the book home 🙂

Location – North

Call number – TR 267.5.A3 BAU 2010

Written by Trinh Linh Giang


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