Relax – You May Only Have a Few Minutes Left By Loretta LaRoche

Do you understand stress? I am sure most of you deal with stress in different ways.  I would like to recommend you a choice reads title called Relax— You May Only Have a Few Minutes Left -written by Loretta LaRoche. This is an entertaining book that is filled with light-heartening suggestions to reduce stress.

 One of the suggestions is the adoption of positive thinking. Take for instance in letting someone borrow your good pencil or pen – try not to think it may be ruined. You can keep in mind the fact that as long as there are trees on the planet, you will be able to buy another pencil. It’s so simple right? It may be hard to be 100% optimistic about everything; however, we can try to extend our limits of positive thinking. Another viewpoint mentioned is to accept some things as they are. For example: The more I agonize about my height, the shorter I feel. It’s more than likely that I’ll get even shorter as I get older. Therefore, why should I feel terrible about something which is not going to happen?

If you need to snap out of your stress and would like to know how to do it, pick up this book from our choice reads section at library west now!

Location – West (Choice reads)

Call Number – 155.9042 LAR

Written by Khin Nyein Kyaw Lin


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