Introduction to Programming and Object Oriented Design using Java (3rd edition) by Jaime Nino and Frederick A. Hosch

As an SIT student in RP, or even if you want to be a good programmer, you would have heard about Object Oriented Programming. It’s been a long time since structural programming ceased to be the most important programming method in the world. It’s time for you to catch up with the new programming method which is more user-friendly and more applicable. Let’s start now and penetrate the world of modern programming with Object Oriented Programming using Java.

Java can be said as the most popular Object Oriented Programming Language. With its high applicability, once we master Java, we can actually much more easily handle other programming languages. With its fast development, Java is gradually becoming the most important Object Oriented Program. This means that once you are a good Java programmer, other languages will not trouble you, and your chances of finding work after graduation will increase as well.

You may ask yourself how hard it would be to go through what is discussed in the book – how you can apply it to your projects, your job and your daily life as well. Don’t worry, for you have chosen the right book! At very beginning, the book emphasizes that no matter what your level is, it will help you from the beginning. That means, you don’t need to be a very skillful and experienced programmer. Even if you know nothing about computer or programming, that’s ok. It’s just as simple as when you were young and came to your English class for the first time. If you are really willing to learn, you’ve passed the entrance exam to Java already!

However, there are some important things to note before you start. If you think that you are an experienced programmer, or you at least have programmed before, please put aside all of your experience and all the ideas you’ve acquired so far. Follow the book, apply its strategies and keep on practicing as much as possible. Once you have a good foundation in the fundamentals, you can easily proceed on your own project.

The book is written in way that is very clear, straightforward and easy to understand. There will be a lot of examples to help you better understand the concepts. It’s not as wordy as other textbooks and you don’t need to waste your time analyzing long paragraphs. There are also tables and short key points arranged in order so that you can study and remember the main ideas faster. The author probably understands that, the simpler the teaching, the more effective the learning. So, don’t miss your chance to study in a better way. I hope you will enjoy your study process so that you can achieve the best result.

Location – East

Call number – QA 76.64 NIN 2008

Written by Alex (Le Duc Anh)


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