Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2010

Are you one of the travel bugs out there? If you are, then this is exactly the right book for you. Besides the usual tour routes, you can be more adventurous and explore other exciting and interesting places from all over the world. This book contains the best travel experiences, from wildlife-watching in South Africa to catching a space flight launched from the Mojave Desert.

 This book is neatly divided into 4 main sections: top 10 countries, top 10 regions, top 10 cities and top travel lists. Under each country, region or city, this book includes some basic information such as the population size, language spoken, unit of currency, main city, etc. There are also some write-ups about the main festivals, events, life-changing experiences, hot topics and even interesting facts about the destinations. In addition, you can enjoy the great photographs taken and learn to appreciate different cultures, lifestyles and the beauty of nature.

If you do not intend to travel, I am sure that you will also enjoy reading this book and get to know more about the amazing places at other parts of the world. I hope you will be inspired by this book and use it one day to plan the best vacation of your life!

Location – West (Choice Reads)

Call number – 910.202 LPBT

Written by Han Thi Htun


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