P.S. I Love You (Movie Review)

If you like romantic movies such as The Notebook or Titanic, I would recommend this movie to you. I think this film has a spectacular storyline which is rather different from the usual romance films. Let me give you a peek into the story. Holly Kennedy was beautiful, smart and married to the love of her life – a passionate, funny, and impetuous Irishman named Gerry. Life was pleasant for this couple and they loved each other deeply. As time passed, Gerry passed on due to a fatal disease and things got worse for Holly. She could neither eat nor sleep, and did not have the strength to carry on with her life. She kept holding onto the past and could not get over with Gerry’s death.  

What Holly didn’t know was that her thoughtful husband had written many letters and planned a lot of things for her before his death, hoping that she could still enjoy her life and live on happily without him. On Holly’s 30th birthday, she received the first message with a cake and a tape recording from Gerry. Letters from Gerry kept coming after that, with new surprises every time, thus giving Holly the power to live on. Every letter would end with “P.S. I love you”. Unfortunately, with each new message received, Holly became more obsessed and her mom was worried that she would be tied down to the past.

When I watched this movie, my emotions went up and down, together with Holly. Wounds can heal with time, but what about grievances? Do you think Holly will have the courage to move on or continue to live in the memories of her dead husband? Will Holly ever fall in love again with another man? Borrow the DVD from RP Library and find out what awaits Holly in her life. It is definitely worth-watching, with lessons to learn and entertainment to enjoy.

P.S. This story is filled with unforgettable & creative romance.

Location – South

Call Number – PN1997 P 2008

Written by Soe Htike


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