Twitter Marketing For Dummies by Kyle Lacy

For the past two years, various business sectors have started making use of the internet to expand their businesses by advertising on multiple popular websites like Google and Yahoo. Recently, Facebook and Twitter have become people’s word of mouth each day, becoming the two most reliant platforms for businessmen to promote their businesses.

This book is perfect for those who want to have a low cost and effective marketing strategy through Twitter. It consists of five main parts to guide you in achieving a successful marketing plan by using Twitter.

The very first part is named ‘The Future of Twitter in Business’. There is a full guide from creating a new account in twitter and understanding the function button of the microsite.

The second part is ‘Building and Implementing’, where demonstration on how to make use of your marketing knowledge, no matter old or new, to create a good marketing plan on Twitter is shown.

The third part, ‘Devising Online Strategies for Twitter Marketing Domination’, is about how to create quality content in order to generate a great tribe in Twitter in order to catch the attention of the customers.

The fourth part, ‘Implementing Twitter Strategies for Offline Marketing Domination’, is the part that teaches you how to integrate the offline and online marketing strategies and how to improve your service to your customers.

The final part ‘The part of Tens’, is basically about the top ten issue on Twitter, including the do’s and don’ts. Besides that, there are also recommendations on the top tools to use to increase productivity.

Call Number – HF5415.1265 LAC 2010

Location – South

Written by Chain Yean Shan


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