Schaum’s Outline Basic Circuit Analysis (2nd Edition) by John O’Malley

As the Understanding Tests are approaching soon, are you about to start your preparation? I do understand that Circuit Analysis (E203) is one difficult module which takes longer to understand. Therefore, I would like to recommend you a perfect aid for better grades, which is this book called “Schaum’s Outline of Basic Circuit Analysis by John O’Malley”. You might ask me why I am recommending this book and the reasons are simple-the book contains clear explanations for each topic with practice questions at the end of each chapter to reinforce your knowledge. It covers many topics that you are learning in Circuit Analysis (E203) and most importantly, it helps you to practice solving problems, providing guidelines and answers!

Well, if you don’t have much time but want to be an expert in Circuit Analysis class, you can just use this book as it would give you information that facilitators expect you to know. In fact, you can test your skills by practising the 700 detailed problems and this would help you with your UT preparation. So, don’t hesitate to borrow this book and practice it at home because you know your Circuit Analysis classes are going to be fun for you as you can get an “easy A” with the help of this book!

Location – North

Call Number – TK 454 OMA 1992

Written by Than Yaw Zin


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