Why I should work for you? by Keith Potts & Jason Deign

This week is the RP’s graduation week, and we can see lots of our seniors wearing the graduation gowns to celebrate their final day in RP. Most of them will step into their work life from now on. As a final year student in RP, especially for some students who have chosen the IIP, have you done some preparation for your interviews to come in the next few months? 

  This book “Why I should work for you” will give you some valuable advice on what to do and what not to do in interviews.

I like this book because it shows a gradual procedure on how to get a job you want, as we know, when the employer chooses you as the employee, it depends not only on your certification but also your interaction with them during the interview. Hence getting to know the ropes of the interview is the key to success.

There are 11 chapters in this book, if you have enough time, trying to go through all of them is the best way to know, but for the Year 3 students are who busy with FYP, I recommend you to focus on some of them, such as Chapter 4: Should I stay or should I go? In this chapter, you’ll get six sure-fire suggestions to improve communication with your current employer, and six best moments to talk about a pay rise. In Chapters 6 and 7, “Why you should hire me?”, you will know how to turn your so-so CV into a real employer attention-grabber and what to do if you suffer from stress during the interview.

 Most companies like to employ their interns, because they can save lots of manpower and money for the training. If you can go to a big company to do the internship, it will help you a lot in your future work. And this book can be your good teacher to help you perform in your attachment interview. Read this book, as success and opportunity are only given to people who are well-prepared. 

Call Number-  JOB HF 5381 POT 2009

Location- SOUTH

Written by CHEN CHENG


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