Digital Video and Audio Broadcasting Technology: A Practical Engineering Guide, Third Edition by Walter Fischer

We are living in the age of digital world. All the electronic devices around us are also changing by time. For example, all audio video tapes have been changed to CD and DVDs, Walkman has been changed to MP3 and CRT bulky TVs have been changed to LCD, LED and Plasma TVs. You must be curious how all these have been done. Here is a book to clear all of your doubts. If you are a SEG student taking the Digital Audio and Video module, this book can help you understand more about the technology of video and audio broadcasting.

In this book, the topics ranged from basic concepts and progressively to more advanced theories mainly on two areas- Audio and Video. Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) is mentioned and tips are given on preventing distorted images or videos through the process of broadcasting. Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) and signal processing are also covered.

Now, most of our DVD players have been using the file in MPEG format. This book also mentioned a lot about the MPEG format and the roles it plays in broadcasting. As a student taking the Diploma in Digital Entertainment Electronic (DDEE), I find that the book really help me a lot in understanding my school work and the concepts that my facilitator has went through with us.


Call Number: TK6678 FIS 2010

Location: North

Written by: NAN MWAI NOON


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