Stop smoking – 52 brilliant ideas to kick the habit for good by Peter Cross and Clive Hopwood

We may be addicted to smoking for many reasons. Nonetheless, if you’re thinking to give up smoking at the moment, it’s time to start now. We might know the consequences of smoking but not how to stop it.  I would like to recommend a book called Stop smoking written by Peter Cross and Clive Hopwood. In this book, there are 52 brilliant ideas which will work pretty much for you to kick out bad smoking habit. Below are some of the topics covered in the book:

First, we should pose some questions to ourselves for some self-awareness about our daily smoking patterns such as how many cigarettes do you smoke a day, how much does smoking costs you per year, how many times have you tried to give up and so forth. There are three types of smokers- social smoker, causal smoker and dope smoker. Indeed, you need to recognise which category you fall in so that you will know which method works best for you. Do you also notice that smoking can dull your taste buds?  Quitting smoking can rekindle your taste buds!

To find out these and more about the 52 ideas to knock out smoking habits, please pick up this book from the Choice Reads corner at Library West.  Make a clean break with smoking now!

Call number: 616.86506 CRO

Location: West area (Choice Reads)

Written by : Khin Nyein Kyaw Lin


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